Build it and they will come!



                           SAMSPA recognizes the following individuals for their contribution in making SAMSPA a premiere organization                                                                         and one of the largest Slowpitch Leagues in Canada.




                            None of our many successes would be possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.                              They have given countless hours and their effort and time is sincerely appreciated!




Thank you to each and everyone of you!





1980-1982               Frank Vettergreen            

1983                        Hector Gervais  (Deceased) 

1984                        Frank Vettergreen            

1985-1987               Dan Rouault                         

1988                        Brian Dickson

1989                        Ed Kells                                 

1990-1992               Jim Walsh  (Deceased)

1993-1994               Brian Message                    

1995-1996               Tony Durocher

1997-2010               Malcolm Parker                  

2011-2012               Mike Dalrymple                 

2013-2018               Erv Krawchuk        

2019 - current          Joel McGovern




  • Frank Vettergreen
  • Ray Rouault
  • Bob Carlson
  • Duff Jamieson
  • Hector Gervais
  • Doug Campbell
  • Dave Atkinson
  • Bill Dart
  • Dan Roault
  • Wayne Kelley
  • Arne Enger
  • Don Monikowski
  • Ben Tooth
  • Frank Galbraith
  • Bert Labuick