Uniform Standards


1.    The minimum uniform standard is matching team jerseys for seven (7) players in the lineup.
2.    Jerseys are to include numbers such that individual players can be identified.
3.    Ball caps are optional at the discretion of individual players. However, when ball caps are worn they must be matching team ball caps. All hats worn must have their brims facing forward while play is happening on the field or diamonds.
4.    All roster players playing in a game are to wear the minimum standard which is a matching team jersey and hat (if worn).  All players on the field are encouraged to have matching jerseys, pants and hats, however only the jersey rule will be enforced.
5.   All teams have until June 1st to acquire team uniforms to comply with this standard


1.    Roster players not wearing team uniform in accordance with this standard are ineligible for game play until they become compliant.
2.    Any team that cannot field a line up as a result of roster players being ineligible will forfeit the game.
3.    Umpires discretion to have individuals remove headware or eject player from the game when brims are not in accordance with league rules.

Enforced by:

1.    Eligibility for game play – game umpire
2.    Executive members responsible for League Operations