St. Albert Men’s Slowpitch Association

Date:     June, 2013 with Ammendments on February 2022

Subject: Team Rosters

  1. Team rosters are due no later than Wednesday, June 1st.
  2. Team Managers are to submit rosters through the SAMSPA web page by June 1st, Rosters will be locked June 1st, 2022. Only the roster on the web page is considered the official team roster.
  3. Teams can only use players listed on their team roster during playoff games.  Substitute players from other teams can be used to make up  a deficiency when a team is short two or less roster players without opposing manager's consent.  Substitute players from other teams can be used to make up  a deficiency when a team is short three roster players with opposing manager's consent. 
  4. Players turning 40 years of age during a calendar year are eligible for a +40 Division roster. In special circumstances, the +40 Division Committee may recommend, to the League Executive for approval, that a player under the age of 40 be “grandfathered” into the +40 Division.  Players that are 47 years of age at the time of the start of the league schedule are grandfathered into the 50 Plus Division if they so wish. 
  5. Maximum roster size is 25.
  6. Rosters are to include the following minimum information for each player. Name, phone number and e-mail address.  In the Plus 40, 50, 60 &70 Divisions, each player on the roster must provide either their age or year of birth.
  7. Players can be registered on one roster in the Open Division, one roster in the +40 Division, one roster in the Plus 50, one roster in the Plus 60 Divisions, and one roster in Plus 70 but cannot be on two rosters in the same Division (ie. Open, Plus 40, Plus 60, Plus 70).  Age restriction is the key for playing in each of the PLUS Divisions.


  1. Teams that have not submitted their roster by June 1st will forfeit games until they submit their roster to the SAMSPA Executive and the Executive have had a reasonable opportunity to review, approve and post the late roster on the SAMSPA web page. Forfeited games will not be re-scheduled. The non offending team will be awarded the points for a win.
  2. Subject to a game protest filed by a member, a game result involving a team that used ineligible players during game play (regular season or playoffs) is subject to change by the SAMSPA Executive.

Enforced by:

  1. Late Rosters – SAMSPA Executive member responsible
  2. Game protest – SAMSPA Executive member responsible