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January 29th, 2022 10am

Zoom Meeting, Invite will be sent to team Coaches, Managers.


New Opportunity, for the first time ever,

SAMSPA is selling Diamond Naming Rights! Pick your companies diamond today!


SAMSPA is now accepting applications for New Teams for 2022
Spots available in the Open D, 40+,50+, 60+ and 70 Plus divisions.

Enter under online forms at the top of this page.


Congratulations to the 2021 Divisional Winners


Open A - Mafia

Open B Top - Capitals

Open B Bottom - Diamond Kings

Open C Top - Big League Boys

Open C Bottom - Young Guns

Open D Top - Louisville Chuggers

Open D Bottom - Bringers of Rain

Plus 40 - Grizzlies

Plus 50 - Raiders

Plus 60 Top - Mavericks

Plus 60 Bottom - Old Buzzards 60

Plus 70 - Old Buzzards 70

To view entire brackets go to Teams, then Previous Year's Playoffs.

"Rule Exception - Use of Helmets
Use of helmets for 2021 will not be mandatory however, SAMSPA very strongly recommends that all players wear an approved (Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE)) batting helmet with two ear flaps while batting, base running and in the on-deck circle."


- Did you know that you can e-transfer league fee? Email e-transfer to treasurer@samspaslowpitch.com .

- Check out the new "Money in your Mitt Incentive" under the Teams tab!

- There is currently no teams looking for players. Check it out HERE.

- There is currently 16 players looking for a team. The information can be found under PLAYERS LOOKING FOR A TEAM.

- SAMSPA now has a Teams Looking for Players page:

- Teams: Fill out the Form with your requirements and they will be posted to this page.

- New / Interested Players: Check out this page and contact Teams directly if you are interested in their team.



SAMSPA - St. Albert Mens Slowpitch Association
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